The area of mineral resources is regulated by the Parliament Act No. 7 of 7 December 2009 on Mineral Resources and Activities (the Mineral Resources Act). The Act came into force on 1 January 2010, marking Greenlandic responsibility for the area under the Self-Government Act.



The aim is to achieve a suitable exploitation of the mineral resources of Greenland with due regard to safety, health, environment, and society.


If Greenland obtains revenue from resource activities, state subsidies for the Government of Greenland are reduced with an amount equal to half of the income which in that year exceeds 75 DKK million. If the block grant is reduced to zero, new negotiations on the future economic relations between Greenland and Denmark will be opened.


Greenlandic Property Rights

The Government of Greenland owns the Greenlandic underground, including rights of prospecting, exploration, and exploitation and the use of it for storage, energy extraction, and transport via pipelines.


All resource issues are managed by the BMP in Nuuk.