Vocational education is the responsibility of the Ministry of Industry and Labour. Health education has been placed under the Ministry of Family and Health while the police training school is placed under the National Commissioner.


Landstinget has set up a culture and education committee which among other things deals with cases concerning vocational education.


An educational council and a council for competency development have furthermore been appointed by the government. The purpose of the latter council is to advise the government on competency development on vocational education and to strengthen the co-ordination of initiatives in the context of labour market and vocational education.


The vocational schools are headed by a principal. In connection with the schools, a trade committee has been appointed in order to ensure that the standards are met. This trade committee is the highest authority within the trade.


As a consequence of the labour market reform, the municipalities have established guidance and introduction centres, the so-called Piareersarfiit, in 2006.


The purpose of Piareersarfiit is to prepare unemployed persons and students for education or activity on the labour market.


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The vocational educations include educations in construction, metal work, office and commerce, food, social and health work, graphic arts, service as well as the electrician education. The lengths of these educations vary.


Overview 1

Educations in Greenland


School of Metal Work, Nuuk

The school educates smiths, fitters, ship fitters, mechanics, transportation mechanics, terminal workers, electricians as well electrical, electronics, automation, office machinery, radio and data technicians and others.


The school also offers continuing education and courses for smiths, auto mechanics, and machine, ship, keel, electrical and automation engineers.


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Sanaartornermik Ilinniarfik and the Techinal Highschool of Greenland, Sisimiut

Sanaartornermik Ilinniarfik is the construction research and education centre in Greenland and educates carpenters, joiners, plumbers, house painters and professionals within the disciplines of the mining and construction program.


The school also offers continuing education in formwork, roofing, industrial insulation, boiler services, chimney sweeping, fibreglass work, and maintenance of small boats, etc.


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The Business School of Greenland, Nuuk and Qaqortoq

The school educates clerks and also offers the one-year HHX programme as well as AP degree programmes and educations within international business and marketing, economy and resource management, it administration, judicial case management, finance, and coaching.




The Business School of Greenland offers continuing education for clerks and AP degree holders and a wide array of trade specific courses.


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The Fishing Industry School (ATI), Maniitsoq

ATI educates food technologist and offers one-year single courses on a basic highschool level.


The school also offers courses in ongoing education in the field of production, laboratory and environment.


The School of Food Science INUILI, Narsaq

The school educates chefs, waiters, receptionists, butchers, bakers, kitchen assistants, cafeteria and canteen assistants, and hotel and tourism assistants.


The school also offers general ongoing education within the area.


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The Maritime School, Paamiut

The school educates navigators, skippers of the first and third degree, and coastal skippers.


It also offers training courses for ordinary seamen and skilled skippers and training courses and tests for yachtsmen and yacht skippers.


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Shipping Educations in Co-Operation with Royal Arctic Line Ltd. and the Academy of Export in Aarhus or Vejle Business School, Greenland and Denmark

Clerks, shipping assistants, ship officers, ship mechanics, equipment mechanics and terminal staff.


The Educator College, Ilulissat

The school educates social and health care assistants and educators.


The school also offers continuing education for educators and other professionals within the field of pedagogy.


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Centre for Health Education, Nuuk

Nurses, health care workers and assistants are educated at the Centre for Health Education.


The centre also offers ongoing education for personnel within the sector.


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The Language Centre, Sisimiut

Interpreters and translators are educated here.


Language courses are also offered to private individuals and to firms.


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The Art School, Nuuk

The programme at the Art School is a precondition for admission to the art academy, the design school and similar programmes.


The Police Training School, Nuuk

The school educates police officers and offers continuing education for police officers.


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Upernaviarsuk School of Agriculture, Qaqortoq

The school educates shepherds, market gardeners, and greenhouse gardeners.


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The University of Greenland, Nuuk

The University of Greenland offers educations with the following areas: Theology, language, literature, and media, administration, culture and history studies, social work, and journalism.


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The Teachers' Training College of Greenland, Nuuk

The Teachers' Training College of Greenland educates teachers.


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Centre for Arctic Technology (in co-operation with the Technical University of Denmark), Sisimiut and Lyngby

The centre educates bachelors of engineering with a speciality in arctic technology.


Courses and seminars with topics on the Arctic are also offered.


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