Catching as a Line of Business

More than half the skins from caught seals are sold for tanning at Great Greanland Ltd, the only tannery of Greenland.


Meat from marine mammals as well as meat from musk oxen and reindeer are sold to Arctic Green Food Ltd among others. Lambs and sheep are slaughtered at Neqi Ltd, a subsidiary of KNI Ltd.


The sales of skins vary from year to year, depending on the sales price and the weather, see Table 14.


When skins are sold, a grant is provided via the Budget. This subsidy was introduced when severe international price drops set in following campaigns against sealing in the late 1970's and early 1980's.


In this connection, a service contract has been drawn up between the Home Rule Government of Greenland and Great Greenland, see Table 15.


Great Greenland is bound to maintain sales facilities for hunters all over Greenland.


The sales prices for skins and qualities of seal are set after negotiation between Great Greenland Ltd and KNAPK; they also co-operate in order to improve the quality of the skin sold.



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