The publicly owned dwellings were acquired from the Danish state in 1987. The housing area now belongs under the Ministry of Housing, Infrastructure, and Transport.


In 1995, the housing association INI Ltd was established to ensure the efficient operation of the public housing market. Naalakkersuisut (The Government of Greenland) owns 100 percent of the shares in the housing association.


In Nuuk the housing association Iserit Ltd administrates the approximately 1.200 dwellings of the municipality.


Naalakkersuisut owns approximately 7.000 dwellings while the municipalities own approximately 4.800 dwellings.


Housing Complaints Board

Disputes between tenants and landlords are treated by a housing complaints board which was established in 2006.


Rent Reform

A rent reform and an improved rent allowance scheme came into force on 1 January 2002. It introduced more cost-based rents so that some of the public subsidies (a housing allowance calculated per child) were removed from the rent calculation. Instead the housing allowance scheme which primarily serves the weakest groups in society was much improved. The purpose of the rent reform was also to encourage the better-off to seek housing on the private market, e.g. cooperative housing or housing financed by the 20-20-60 scheme.



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