Most of the dwellings in Greenland are owned by the government; the development in the housing market is, as a consequence, primarily the result of political decisions. A significant part of the housing stock is rented accommodation.


It is a political objective to increase the share of shared ownership properties and owner-occupied dwellings; these housing forms are believed to encourage private savings for the benefit of the economy.


It has been possible to construct shared ownership properties in settlements as well as towns since 1990.


Naalakkersuisut (The Government of Greenland) encourages the establishment of associations for owner-occupied dwellings. Since 2009 several housing co-operatives have been transformed into associations for owner-occupied flats.


A large proportion of the publicly owned housing stock has not been properly maintained and is to be renovated in the coming years.



Read more about housing co-operatives and associations for owner-occupied flats at www.naalakkersuisut.gl