Households and families

The annual statistics on population by January 1st now also includes an estimate of the number of families that can be described by family type.


For the estimates Statistics Greenland uses the same concepts as Statistics Denmark. Read more about the family concepts in (Danish and Greenlandic only)


In brief, a family consists of one or more persons from the same household, linked to each other through pairings or kinship. A household may consist

of multiple families, but a family can in reverse not have members from several households.


Illustration. A household* consisting of 3 families

* A household consists of all persons with identical address in the central register of persons


As of January 1, 2018 there are 55,329 persons in 29,554 families in 22,128 households or 1.3 family per household on average. In addition, 548 persons are registered with an administrative address.