Corrected May 5th. 2018

Graph 1 & 2 changed

Greater difference between gender

Emigration throughout life

Many move between Greenland and abroad one or more times throughout their lifespan. In population statistics, this is counted as migrations. In Graph 1 'age-specific net migration rates' are shown for the period 2012-2016.


Graph 1 Age-specific net migration rates 2012-2016


Based on events from the 5-year period 2012-2016, the effect of immigration and emigration can be calculated for an artificial cohort of 1000 men and 1000 women. Cohort size is reduced in calculations by net migration only. Figure 1 shows that the artificial cohort can be expected to be halved towards retirement age, after which only very few move between Greenland and the outside world. For Greenland-born women, a slightly higher net emigration is observed the 60ties, compared to Greenland-born men.


In the ages 16-17, the effect of stay on independent boarding school for lower secondary students is seen, where net emigration is followed by net immigration the next year.


Graph 2. Effect of immigration and emigration on cohort size

Source: Calculations by Statistics Greenland